About Us

Galilean Bible Camp is a not-for-profit, non-denominational, evangelical Christian camp, owned and operated by One Hope Canada. In operation since 1952, Galilean began as a summer children’s camp and is now a year-round camp and conference centre.

Our mission is to present Christ, instruct the Word of God, and inspire people to live a useful and joyful life.

Camping provides a unique opportunity for young people to develop confidence, skills, and friendships that will last a lifetime. We believe that this opportunity is best experienced within the context of Christian Camping. Entrusting your child to a camp is a serious matter; we recommend that you obtain all information you can before deciding on a camp.

Our Pledge

Our commitment is to ensure the overall well-being of any camper who is placed in our care. This commitment is implemented in three main areas: personnel, property, and program.

  • All personnel are required to undergo a thorough screening process which includes reference and police background checks. We exceed the minimum standards set forth by the Ontario Camps Association (OCA) with a maximum 1:6 counsellor-camper ratio. We have policies in place that prohibit entry into the camp by “high-risk persons” at anytime and all visitors are required to report to the office for admission when camp is in session. Each parent must complete an authorization form for pick-up days, to ensure that campers leave the camp property with only those allowed by the parent or guardian.
  • Our property and all buildings are inspected regularly by several agencies, including fire service, health authority, and the OCA.
  • Our programs are designed to integrate the three essentials of camp: fun, challenge, and safety. Our rules are in place to ensure that every camper has a “good-safe” time. We have policies in place to accommodate those with food allergies. All waterfront staff are trained and certified. Our self-imposed practices and protocols exceed the minimum requirements of both the Lifesaving Society and the Red Cross. The ‘Buddy System’ is used. A certified Emergency Medical Professional is always on duty when campers are in session.

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For more about our values and beliefs see our  Statement of Faith and Code of Conduct

Our Board Members 

Glenn Lawrence – Board Chair

David Thompson- Vice Chair 

Mark Francois

Nellie Booker

Helen Frederick

Adam Kolari

Bernard Mobach

Jessica Roberts

Roger Periard