Summer 2018 dates – July 29 -August 3

Registration opens at 2pm and pick up is Friday at 2pm.

Back Country: Running for its fourth summer this is Wilderness 2.0. Come and enjoy a 4 nights/ 5 days backpacking trip into the beautiful wilderness surrounding Galilean. Spend the first night in the lodge, the rest will be spent sleeping under the stars in a hammock. Hiking, swimming, fishing, cooking over a fire and hanging with good friends are what you can expect when you step into Galilean’s “backcountry”.

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Here is a list of items that you will need to bring in order to be comfortable on your backcountry camping trip at Galilean.

Galilean Bible Camp- Back Country Packing List
o Hiking pants (exercise pants, cargo pants, etc.) Jeans aren’t a good idea
o Shorts
o Swimming wear
o Small towel (hand towel size) or use your shirt to dry off
o 2-3 pairs hiking socks or good socks that go about 6 inches up your leg
o Sturdy shoes that can handle rugged terrain (hiking boots or shoes, cross trainers, etc.)
o Rain gear (waterproof jacket and pants, poncho, etc.)
o Crocs or sandals
o Hat
o T shirt or long sleeved shirt
o Warm shirt for cool evenings (fleece)
o Sleeping bag (rated to 0 Celsius or 32F) You don’t need a huge winter sleeping bag.
o Headlamp or flash light
o Bug spray
o Fishing gear (optional)
o 2 water bottles (750ml to 1 L)
o If you want to wear deodorant make sure its unscented!
o Basic toiletries (tooth paste will be provided)
o Sun screen

Please call or email if you any questions.