Break Away

Break Away Ages 12-14

Summer 2018 dates: 

August- 12-17

Registration opens at 2pm Sunday.

Pick up is 2pm Friday.

Calling all junior teens, this is your camp! Bring some friends and enjoy an exciting week! Get ready for some classic games, fun counsellors, great food, chapel sessions, entertaining coffee house and all the things you have come to love about Galilean.

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Galilean Bible Camp Packing List
o Bible
o Suitable camp clothing
o Banquet clothing
o Sleeping bag/warm bedding
o Pillow
o Pyjamas
o Running shoes
o Beach sandals
o Towel
o Soap
o Comb
o Toothbrush
o Toothpaste
o Modest bathing suit (no 2 piece please)
o Warm sweater/jacket
o Water bottle
o Dirty clothes bag
o Clothes pins
o Hat
o Sunscreen
o Bug repellent
o Optional: Flashlight, camera, musical instrument, stamps for outgoing mail.
o Please DO NOT bring electronic devices, music players or chewing gum.