Ages 11 – 14

Summer 2018 dates:

Wilderness Girls –  July 29- August 3

Wilderness Boys –  August 5- 10

Registration Opens – 2pm Sunday

Pick Up – 2pm Friday

Wilderness: Experience another side of camp at our Wilderness site. Take a hike up our Sunrise Trail, go canoeing to the infamous Blueberry Island, learn skills like orienteering, fire building, fishing and setting up your tent that you will spend the week sleeping in. Join our staff that love the outdoors and can’t wait to share it with you.

Printable Registration Register Online

Galilean Bible Camp Wilderness Packing List
o Bible
o Suitable camp clothing
o Banquet clothing
o Sleeping bag/warm bedding
o Pillow
o Pyjamas
o Running shoes
o Beach sandals
o Towel
o Soap
o Comb
o Toothbrush
o Toothpaste
o Modest bathing suit (no 2 piece please)
o Warm sweater/jacket
o Water bottle
o Dirty clothes bag
o Clothes pins
o Hat
o Sunscreen
o Small tent (friend may share)
o Mess kit (utensils, bowl/plate, cup)
o Rain gear
o Ground sheet (to fit in tent)
o Flashlight
o Bug repellent
o Optional: Flashlight, camera, musical instrument, stamps for outgoing mail, fishing equipment.
o Please DO NOT bring electronic devices, music players or chewing gum.
If you need assistance with some supplies, please contact the director.