1952 Mary Neal begins operating a bible camp on Lake Duborne. One week, 72 campers, no electricity or running water but cabins still represented luxury to those who had roughed it on St Joseph’s Island.

1955 Two “junior” weeks and one “senior” week. Cost was $9 to $10 for an eight day session.

1957 First “youth” camp held. It was attended by Howard McLeod who later became Galilean’s first time director in 1976.

1959 Galilean got its name. Rev. Malcolm Barr, Pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church suggested the name after a trip to the Sea of Galilee, saying he saw a resemblance between the two bodies of water. Thanksgiving tradition of a youth reunion got its start.

1970 Margaret Thompson deeded the property to the CSSM.

1971 First board of directors was formed. Members were Allan McDougall, Vaughn Giggie, Roger Scott and Howard McLeod.

1972 Buildings (storage and washrooms) and 158 acres of land were added to the property.

1973 Sod was turned for the “Lodge”, the most impressive 120 by 40 foot two story building was completed in 1976 at a cost of $95,000 making year round events possible.

1976 Howard McLeod became the first full time director enabling year round programming. First ladies retreat was in October with Shirley Stewart as leader.

1979 Mary Neal Memorial Centre (Neal died in 1977) was built, which housed a bookstore, tuck shop and living accommodations for the camp director. A kitchen and dining room addition were built and a 10th camper cabin was added.

1983 Eight camper sessions accommodating up to 645 campers at a cost of from $52 to $64 per week were being held. “The camp had grown and changed but not the message.”

1986 35th anniversary celebration. Margaret Thompson died: memorial contributions were set aside for a new summer chapel.

1987 Addition of kitchen and dining hall to Lodge.

1995 Opening of Thompson Memorial Centre, a chapel that does double duty as a gymnasium.

2002 Celebration of Galilean’s 50th anniversary on May 18.

2007 The beginning of Family Camp at GBC, the last week of July.

2017  Is our 65th Anniversary